About Me

One of my greatest joys in life is to entertain others – I love life and I love to laugh.

When I walk on stage – or take the floor at an event – I feel comfortable and complete.

I am passionate about helping others feel they have a 'voice' which is valid and a 'message' which can help other people.   So I love to Entertain... but also to Train.

There is nothing more satisfying than someone telling me they still remember a speech or a presentation I gave 5 years ago. I believe my destiny is to ‘communicate’ and if my performance or message has a long term impact, then I feel I have fulfilled my remit.

.I have an  entrepreneurial spirit and I have run a variety of businesses, suffered a life-threatening illness, lived through the death of a child, and like anybody who has lived through six decades, gleaned a rich variety of experiences.

Many of these are used in my observational humour and I am often told by my audiences not only how much they are able to relate to me but that they particularly enjoy the way I am able to use wit and humour to enhance the good that life has to offer and put the bad firmly in its place.

I believe in working hard and smart to achieve my goals but also have a strong spiritual side which I believe helps me to have an empathy with my audience and draw alongside them.

I have successfully trained children, teenagers and adults...   I am able to write and present appropriate material for each age group according to their requirements and needs.

My aim is always to leave my audience happy and uplifted feeling that time in my audience me was time well spent!

My pleasure is to train others in a variety of ways so they can gain confidence, improve their presentation skills, write better presentations/speeches/ for work or pleasure.......  

"Thank you for a wonderful entertaining evening - your warmth and honesty and insight has changed my life'. Marion, Essex.

'Thank you. The most clever, exciting, inspiring and energetic speech I have heard. A privilege to listen to you. A true Professional' .  Ken, Warrington.

'You Master Excellency!'.     Michel, Cheshire.

'Gayna's workshop has given me confidence to find my voice and speak confidently'   Sam, London

'This woman is my hero... I felt daunted at the thought of giving a Father of the Bride speech - it was like a heavy cloud hanging over my daughter's wedding...   Gayna not only helped me write a witty, zippy speech which captured, truth, emotion and humour, she also gave me a session in how to present the speech so I was comfortable and entertaining. Turned out to be one of the best memories of the day.         Jim,  Portsmouth.